MTI’s Commitment to Sustainability

At MTI, our goal is to protect and sustain the environment while meeting our business goals
What is green leaf?
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MTI has been awarded the Gold Green Business Award from Washington County by implementing green practices into our daily operations. This certification was awarded after completing an extensive application process and site visit from a Washington County Business Advisor to validate our efforts. We are committed to being an environmental leader in the community and look forward to continuously seeking out more ways to protect our environment.

Green Practices

  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle in our offices, kitchens, bathrooms, and production areas
  • Create sustainability processes for toxics reduction, hazardous waste, water, energy, transportation, and community engagement
  • Create self-awareness with our employees across the globe to encourage them to consider what changes they can make in their own homes, offices, and communities

Proud to be Paperless

  • As part of our growing effort to adopt green business practices, MTI will distribute electronic versions of our collateral and materials. All installation instructions will be delivered in the form of a QR code for every product shipped
  • MTI’s greenleaf Initiative is a company-wide effort focused on reducing our carbon footprint and increasing the sustainability of our business. This change will save more than 50,000 pages of printing per month—that’s the equivalent of nearly 3.5 trees
  • This change will generate less waste in the stores and create a better experience for stores and MTI field technicians
  • This ensures that field technicians and store personnel will always have the most up-to-date versions of our materials regardless of when the product was packaged or shipped.

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